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B.T. Isaac joined the Keenspot forums in January 2007 and has been an active member of the forums ever since then. He spends most of his time on the EGS and EGS mayhem forums, occasionally visiting the Zebragirl and CRFH forums. Of all these, ZG may be the only one he still shows up at.



Name: Benedickt Tom Isaac - translation of Hungarian name 'Izsák Tamás Benedek' (reads like 'Eejaque Tomash Benedeck'). DOB: February 18, 1988, though he seems older than that. Gender: Male physically, both mentally. Orientation: Somewhere between straight and bisexual.


B.T. Isaac started his forum activity with pessimistic predictions about the upcoming events in El Goonish Shive, and long winded rants about himself, but the number of these has been reduced significantly.

At the (insert date here) he started his avatar thread with 25 avatars. With aproximately 200 avatars, this is one of the largest known EGS avatar collections on the net. At the (insert date here) he challenged thisisnotjt to the "Grace in Damien's clone form" competition, which he lost. This event also saw the birth of his fanart thread, which featured most of his fan projects. It was his idea to make the Victory Party Montage, after the first encounter with Evil Overlords United, and the founding of the "EGS defense force". The party was delayed due to the arrival of Agent Bunny and EOU's second attempt to attack EGS, and he eventually gave up on the idea. In same time with the preparations for the party, he started working on his first fan project, the eleven pages long "Tedd's worst Nightmare". He contributed to the Operation Lagomorph project with three strips. His latest project is called "Night of the Void" an EGS fancomic that features the main EGS cast as they attempt to save the world from an ancient primordial evil.

In mayhem he usually takes part in the following games:

In the main forum, he occasionally visited a considerable number of threads, but nowadays, he mostly lurks, though he sometimes checks out the art threads and reaction threads. He was away for a long time, but with the beginning of spring 2008, he slowly became active again. Since the close of the main forum, EGS' moving to 910CMX and Mayhem's separation from EGS, his visits to Mayhem became even more scarce, and he may eventually end up leaving for good.


B.T. Isaac has several characters, though he rarely takes part in any RPs.

Chronicler Tom

Chronicler Tom is a powerful wizard and overseer of his home, the hidden realm of Astoria (what an original name). He gained his magical powers only recently from his master, who died of old age shortly thereafter. Among many other powers, he gained the ability to cross universes, which is how he ended up in Mayhem. He played a notable role in the Crossover Wars becoming chief engineer of the mayhem forces and the inventor of the TF-Tank. He was suspicious of Death Bunny for quite some time, yet he advised the bunnies to wait and observe Death Bunny before pressing any charges. When Amon Star accused Death Bunny of being a spy, Tom was tasked with assisting the prosecution and collecting evidence, something he refused to do. After the events at the Funky Horror, he felt a bit of guilt for neglecting his duties. Later at the battle of Drunken Scribblings, aboard the Head Alien's flagship, he chibified the reactor, effectively cutting the flagship off it's main power source. The ship became defenseless, and was destroyed by FLEET, before the back up reactors were brought on-line. Tom was the last volunteer to join the Bunny Berets and fight the EOU droids invading TMA. He was planning to meet Deception, and convince him to retire from the Overlords. Unfortunately, the Editor sent him into The FAN during the attack on the EOU headquarters, preventing the meeting. Later, during the final battle, his tank was destroyed, and he was rendered helpless. Gothia recovered a wounded Deception and left before Tom had a chance to catch up with them. After the crossover wars, he left for awhile, to rest. The remains of his TF Tank (the Chibinator) have been taken to the academy, where they can be found even now. He was rarely seen since then. A year later, his interest in magic brought him to MY ROCK!!, where he separated Nathan from the rock, while documenting the spell that fused them together. It was here that he met his soon to be rival/ally, Evan, and faced his nearly limitless army of marines with his fleet of mechanized fighters, dozens of Golems, and countless number of tricks. While the two opponents appeared to be evenly matched, it was strongly implied that neither of them used their full power.

Some facts:

- He is highly resistant to transformations, and complex transformations DON'T work on him. His body also seems to be rejecting gender modifications.

- Ankhareon turned him into a werepanther on his request.

- He is afraid of Moogles, ever since Ti-Phil tossed him into the dimension of Moogles, when he attempted to follow him.

Abilities: - As the creator of the Chibinator and a few other weapons the bunnies used during the war, he is able to call for them at any time, and issue them orders when they are set to autopilot.

- He has several reality-warping powers, which he performs by using his quill to warp reality. The various uses of this tool are unlimited, but it will not make him omnipotent. The basic laws of any universe he currently resides in can limit his powers. In mayhem, his maximum power limit will be influenced by the strenght of his allies and his enemies, in a way that would result in a fair fight.


Tom's alternate personality, who usually appears as a ghost that only he can see. She could posess Tom's body, if he would turn female. If this will happen or not, is yet unknown.


When Chronicler Tom tried out his latest creation, the TG Belt on himself, he accidentally turned himself into a female alien for quite a long time. Looking for a way to fix this, he started digging through some spare stuff he salvaged during the war, and touched a Dewitchery Diamond that somehow got there. The end result was Sera, Tom's alien replica.

Sera took part in the fight against the Galactic Union Marines, in My Rock, rescuing Katrhin and co when they were caught in the crossfire. Together, they rescued Tom, before Evan managed to reclaim the rock.


"What in Jordan's name?" - The Jordan part was something he learned from his father, who learned it from his Science Teacher. No one knows for certain who Jordan is, and the teacher is long dead, so he cannot be asked. Some suspect that "Jordan" refers to the river Jordan.

"Do not use the GMC word! It's a timed bomb." - GMC means GodModding Character. This statement refers to an older debate about Squata, that turned into a terrible flamewar.

"For the love of the One, why?" - B.T. usually refers to his deity as the One. In his native language the word for 'God' is sumerian for 'one'. He may sometimes say 'Kami Sama' instead of 'One'.


B.T. Isaac is the author and artist of the recently started webcomic "The Fan". The fan is hosted at [url]www.shastrix.com[/url].

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